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Opto Engine LLC

Scientific Lasers & OEM Lasers in Utah, USA

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Plug and play bench top lasers

Diode pumped solid state lasers and diode lasers from 1mW to 100W, including Laboratory Lasers, Scientific Lasers, Low Noise Lasers, Single Longitudinal Mode Lasers, Q-Switched Lasers and OEM Laser Systems etc. Wavelength from 261nm (UV) to 3800nm (IR). Visible band includes red, yellow, green and blue even RGB lasers. TTL/ Analog Modulation, Beam expander, line generator, fiber coupling and customization of DPSS/ Diode Lasers also available.

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Diode pumped solid state lasers and diode lasers 261nm (Ultra Violet Laser) to 3800nm (Infrared Laser):

Laser Power Meters

Thermopile sensor, photo diode sensor and USB interface meter. 

High Resolution Fiber Optics Spectrometers

Aurora 4000 UV-NIR


 Wide range (200-1100nm); High resolution (0.75nm FWHM); Robust package


  Spectral analysis; Wavelength inspection; Absorbance measurements; Reflectivity measurements; LED analysis


 Opto Engine LLC offers DPSSL, Diode Laser Module and laser power and energy measuring instruments and sensors. We offer both plug and play turn key lab lasers and OEM laser systems.


Applications of our lasers: PIV ( Particle Image Velocimetry), Spectroscopy, Fluorescence, Raman Spectroscopy, 

Optogenetics stimulation, Cell imaging, Flow Cytometry, Medical and Dental, Pain relief, Neurobiology, Contamination analysis, Interferometry, Photolithography, Digital photo finishing, Holography, Microscopy, Confocal laser scanning microscopy, Two-photon excitation microscopy, Metrology, Laser marking, Material processing, Photochemistry, Optical tweezers, LIDAR/ Pollution monitoring etc.


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