Optogenetics Lasers
Blue, Green, Yellow and Red lasers with fiber coupling option and TTL/analog modulation
Bench Top Lasers
UV Lasers, Blue Lasers, Green Lasers, Yellow Lasers, Red Lasers and IR Lasers
OEM Laser Modules
OEM laser modules for manufacturer's system integration

Optogenetics lasers with fiber coupling and modulation

Free space and fiber coupled ( FC/PC or SMA connector) optogenetics light sources with TTL and Analog modulation

blue laser green laser yellow laser red laser fc coupler

Plug and play bench top lasers

Diode pumped solid state lasers and diode lasers from 1mW to 100W, including Laboratory Lasers, Scientific Lasers, Low Noise Lasers, Single Longitudinal Mode Lasers, Q-Switched Lasers and OEM Laser Systems etc. Wavelength from 261nm (UV) to 3800nm (IR). Visible band includes red, yellow, green and blue even RGB lasers. TTL/ Analog Modulation, Beam expander, line generator, fiber coupling and customization of DPSS/ Diode Lasers also available. 


Opto Engine LLC offers both plug and play turn key lab lasers and OEM laser modules from 261nm to 3800nm.

Applications of our lasers: PIV ( Particle Image Velocimetry), Spectroscopy, Fluorescence, Raman Spectroscopy, Optogenetics stimulation, Cell imaging, Flow Cytometry, Medical and Dental, Pain relief, Neurobiology, Contamination analysis, Interferometry, Photolithography, Digital photo finishing, Holography, Microscopy, Confocal laser scanning microscopy, Two-photon excitation microscopy, Metrology, Laser marking, Material processing, Photochemistry, Optical tweezers, LIDAR/ Pollution monitoring etc.

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