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532nm Laser-Diode Pumped Solid State CW and Q-switched

MGL-III 532nm laserMGL-H 532nm laserMGL-F 532nm laserMGL-N 532nm laserMGL-W 532nm laser


Plug and play, 532nm green Laser, CW, Q-switched, low noise, SLM, free space and fiber coupled.

For Optogenetics application(in vivo and in vitro optical neuromodulation) following options are available: 

  • BNC connector on back of power supply offers TTL triggering and analog modulation.
  • Power control knob allow you to adjust laser power manually.
  • FC/PC or SMA-905 fiber coupling adapter can couple these lasers to multimode optical fiber ( 50um, 100um, 200um or 400um).



PDF Data Sheets

DPSS Green 532nm Laser

532nm Green CW laser

TEM00 or near TEM00 beam

Power output 1~20000mW

Power adjustable with

PSU-X-LED power supply

TTL and analog modulation

MGL-III-532/ 1~300mW 

MGL-H-532/ 400~2000mW
MGL-FN-532/ 1~1500mW

MGL-F-532/ 1500~2500mW

MGL-N-532/ 3000~5000mW
MGL-Z-532/ 5000~18000mW

MGL-W-532/ 5000~20000mW

532nm laser price

DPSS Low Noise Green 532nm Laser

Low noise version

of the above MGL-X-532

<1% noise

MLL-III-532/ 1-300mW

MLL-FN-532/ 1-1500mW

MLL-F-532/ 1500~2500mW

MLL-N-532/ 3000~5000mW

MLL-Z-532/ 5000~18000mW

MLL-W-532/ 5000~20000mW

Q-switched 532nm Green Laser

532nm Q-switched laser

TEM00 or Near TEM00 beam

Average power 1~3000mW

Single pulse energy 1~180uJ

Pulse duration 7~15nS

MPL-III-532/ 1~5uJ /1~30mW

MPL-H-532/ 5~50uJ/ 30~150mW

MPL-N-532/ 40~100uJ/ 150~1000mW


  Actively Q-switched Green 532nm Laser

532nm Q-switched laser

TEM00 or Near TEM00 beam

Average power 1~45W

Single pulse energy up to 4.5mJ

Pulse duration 5~100nS

AO-N-532/1~60uJ/ 1~500mW

AO-L-532/1~600uJ/ 1~3000mW

AO-W-532/ 1~300uJ/ 1000~2000mW

AO-Z-532/ 1~400uJ/ 5000~8000mW

EO-W-532/ 1~500uJ/ 1~1500mW

HPL-532-Q/ 2.5~4.5mJ/ 25~45W 
Single Longitudinal Mode 532nm Laser

532nm SLM laser

TEM00 beam

Long coherence length >50 meters

Spectral line width <0.00001nm

Power output 1~5000mW

MSL-III-532/ 1~50mW

MSL-III-532-AOM/ 1~30mW
MSL-FN-532/ 1~400mW

MSL-F-532/ 500~1000mW

MSL-R-532/ 1W~5W

MSL-AO-532/ 1~100uJ

Diode pumped solid state 532nm green laser system. Q-switched, CW, temperature stabilized, low noise, single longitudinal mode, free space/ fiber coupling, line generator, beam expander, and TTL/Analog modulation available, plug and play.

Regular lead time 4 weeks.

Various of wavelength and power output in different packages upon request. Customization available in 5 to 6 weeks.


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